For centuries is known for the positive effects of using sauna as a method of alternative treatment and prevention:


  • Improved the tone and vitality of the body;
  • Improves and  enhances the immune system;
  • Clear the body of toxins.
  • The high temperature helps the body destroys different types of bacteria, viruses and parasites.
  • Helps to eliminate headaches and stress


Infrared sauna

Using infrared sauna is extremely useful for people suffering from acne, eczema, allergies, cellulite – the sweating removes dead layer of cells and improves the tone and elasticity of the skin.

People who have sports injuries, arthritis, chronic fatigue can successfully use infrared sauna, to accelerate removal from the body of heavy metals and chemicals.


Steam bath:

The steam bath can be an ideal way to cleanse the body of harmful substances in a stream of heated pressurized steam. There are also anti-inflammatory, hydrating and analgesic effect.

The skin looks fresh and toned, cleaned of dead cells and fat. After the procedure the skin more easily absorb nutrients from the applied cosmetics.



The fitness in Belvedere Holyday Club 4 * is equipped with appliances from world famous brand CETTLER. It has all the necessary appliances for professional training.


Conference room

Belvedere Holyday Club 4 *, offers a multifunctional hall for seminars, meetings, training, conferences, symposia, presentations and other business events. The hall has a capacity of 150 people and can be arranged according to the needs of each event.


Football field

Size 85/45 mm. Very comfortable to hold tournaments, competitions and football training camps.